Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

You know it’s that time of year (yes…we’re talking Back To School time!) when I start thinking about all things school related…especially decorating bulletin boards. This usually starts with me browsing through my Pinterest boards. My two favorites are Classroom Inspiration and Classroom Organization Ideas. These boards are my go to for BTS.

Classroom Inspiration Board

Classroom Organization Ideas

I know that back to school can be somewhat stressful and a whole lot of hectic. Oh who am I kidding…it’s insane! Thus the reason I’ve been using this super simple idea for the last couple of years. I love that it’s an easy set up and very low maintenance…and that my little ones use it the entire year!

Simple Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

This bulletin board idea was created in an effort to keep things simple. My hope was to create a board that’s cute, colorful, and most of all a board that my students would be able to use all year long…and something that was not too difficult to put together!

Here’s how you can set up this bulletin board in your own classroom.


12 x 12 sheets of colorful cardstock

chalkboard clips

clear push pins

hot glue sticks

hot glue gun



fadeless paper



Cover bulletin board with fadeless paper (I usually go with black). Add border to edges. Place the 12 x 12 papers on the bulletin board and staple. I try to create rows of color as seen in the photo above. Hot glue chalkboard clips to clear push pins and place pins on the top and center of each paper. Finish off by printing out and clipping any of the “Amazing Work Coming Soon” sheets. Add header letters, stand back and enjoy your bulletin board. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Simple Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

Simple Back to School Bulletin Board Idea

You can find this little packet in my TpT Store as a FREEBIE in appreciation for all you do as teachers!

I hope you have a great beginning of the school year!

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